Now a staunch believer of "Vasudaiva Kudumbakam"


Sopanam Now a staunch believer of "Vasudaiva Kudumbakam" - the whole world is my family, I used to have a personality which my father jokingly called "myself, my wife and a goldsmith" - which comes from a malayalam saying reflecting a prayer - 'when the deluge comes myself, my wife and a goldsmith (for making jewellery to my wife) only be saved...' or something which portrayed the height of selfishness...
I strongly believe in the concept that 'We are nothing and we do nothing - whatever happens is done by the divine'. With this belief only I chant 'Lalitha Sahasranama' daily without fail - however I used to chant the same when I was young only out of fear for my father.
When you are young, the concept of abiding blindly to elders instructions used to be belittled. I see myself as a living example to this misconception. Maybe the very reluctance to listen to my father, who wanted to make me a Nurse and instead I pursued my wish to do graduation in Economics, is the reason behind me continuing my education even at this age of 43.
From a very young age, my parents trained me to pursue education along with household chores and other manual labor (which was only half heartedly accepted by me then!). I strongly believe that this has helped me to face any adversities later in my life.
I believe to be among those people who realized, though late, in their life that anything can be achieved in life with a sober and open mind, verbal skills to influence others, an exemplary and systematic lifestyle, determination and punctuality as against a narrow mind, complexes and laziness.
My life has been a roller coaster journey of sweet and bitter physical, Mental and financial experiences. Due to acute cardiac problems as a result of own mistakes, there were even moments in my life when I was looking death on its face.
Though I bid farewell to medicines years back, I was a strong believer in doctors and medicines earlier. Those days, I was ready to consume any medicine (be it poison!) and believed that I couldn't survive even a single moment without medicines.
In 2001, I reached a stage where my body was not reacting to any medicine and was advised to undergo Angiogram and consume Aspirin Tablet to save my life. Fully realizing the fact that our heart loses two-third of its strength once affected, I would like to reiterate to my dear ones that no medicine can prolong your life span. This fact has helped me to prepare myself for any eventualities in life.
The realization that Food is the best medicine and there is no better medicine than proper food changed my perception that only medicines can cure diseases. This helped me to save my body from all medicines, which used to be a research laboratory for Ayurvedic, Allopathic and Homeo medicines. I would like to recall the following excerpt from the diary of Shri Pyarelal, Private Secretary to Mahatma Gandhi.
"Bapu had been shot. Dr. Raj Sabharwal had placed his head on his lap. His wet eyes were looking at the shaking body. In a short while, before any treatment was started, he passed away. Before his passing away, Dr. Bhargava came and began to search for Edralin, an Allopathic medicine. I requested him not to take trouble to search any medicine, because Gandhiji had told us that no impure medicine should be given to him to save his life"
The saying in Malayalam "Panamillathavan Pinam" roughly translates to "without money you are a corpse". From my life experiences, I may be the right person who have experienced the bitter fact that no friend or relative will be there for you in your times of financial failure and bad health. May be there is no better person than me who stands testimony to this fact.
Without exception, there had been certain individuals in my life who has stood by me in times of need who cared not for reward but for the person that I am. I would like to say that I am indebted to them in this life and in as many lives to come.
Most people in this world perceive the display of love to be the reality whereas I have made enough enemies from my nature of frank expression of opinion.
Though most people would like to highlight their achievements, I would like to list out here a few of my setbacks in life which can be an eye opener for others.
Among the long list of my failures, only Yoga and Naturopathy has helped me in steadying my life and helped to serve others with my life.
I was born into a peasant family consisting of my parents, three sisters and a brother. Though we were not financially well off, our parents saw to it that none of our requirements were compromised. All our necessities were taken care of and at the same time we were trained to realize the value of money and were made responsible for our acts. We had to use a new pencil for a specific number of days, submit account of money spent, enquire the price before we buy a thing etc. We were imbibed moral values like treating our maids and other workers as equals, work shoulder-to-shoulder with them, respect the dignity of each and every kind of labor etc.
My parents used to advice us that education alone will not take you to great heights unless the attitude and capability is cultivated in a person. My parents taught us to do things from cooking, painting the house, plough and plant the field, taking care of children etc. I can vouch on my father's advice to accept and obey verbatim what parents and teachers ask you to do. I believe that the root cause for all setbacks in my life is because of the fact that I didn't heed to that advice when it was required.
My father wanted me to become a Nurse where I wanted to do graduation and further purse post graduation. May be the defiant step I took then is the cause of me being a student even at this age of 43 years. I did not utilize my skills when it was there and now when those skill sets are diminishing, I am more committed to reach my goal.
I still remember vividly some of the instances from my childhood days. Reading out lessons aloud in 1st grade under the tutorship Padmini teacher, rainy day in the class of Clara teacher, gossip by friends when I spoke to a boy named Narayanan, beating from 'Valya Elayadhu Mash' for not answering 6 X 9 and many more of such incidents come to my mind fresh and clear. Though these were not significant incidents in my life I just wanted to point out that such deep rooted events are rarely forgotten during a lifetime. Everyone is gifted with such memory and Intelligence but depends on how each person uses it. I can recall all the incidents during the last 43 years of my life but may not be able to remember the contents of a book I read the day before. This depends on the importance assigned by a person to a particular event.
I would like to quote the following for the young generation …
"The things we've done, learned and seen are first processed in the cortex and then, if we sense that this information is important enough to remember permanently, it’s passed inward to other regions of the brain for long term storage and retrieval"
Today's generation totally ignores this and for this very reason I want to highlight the mistakes I committed in handling my education when I was young.
Education Though I was not an extraordinary student during my school days, Teachers' had a certain confidence in my ability (though I used to fail in certain subjects!). Now I realize that I never committed 100% in my approach to education and that was the biggest mistake I did. Like a fool, I used to believe in divine powers to see me through my exam with little realization that no God can save you unless you put in your share of the effort. I used to give my 100% in all other work, which I still follow, except education. Alas! I wish I had done the same with my education then …
I believe this lack of commitment was the reason for my lackluster academic record…
I was just able to scrape through in the 10th Standard
History repeated in my 12th Standard as well!
Managed to score only 43% in my Graduation in Economics
Failed in clearing my Masters in Economics
Masters in Malayalam and B. Ed. was left incomplete
Cleared the lower exam in Type writing
Holds a diploma in computers
Holds a diploma in Travel & Tourism
Did not complete the attempt at Document writing
Attended Teachers Training Course for YOGA
Gained Diploma in Naturopathy

However, maybe due to the lack of importance I gave to my education, I am still a student but with a difference that I give my 100% and that reaped rich dividends - I can proudly say that I am topper in my studies today.
During my school days, my favorite food used to be the deep fried snacks which my mother used to make, pickle, Buttermilk and rice. I never was fond of vegetables and on the contrary was very fond of Chicken, Mutton and Egg. Such a contradiction as my father was a farmer and we had no scarcity for vegetables!! Now I realize the value of vegetables and force my children to have the same as not to repeat the mistake I did. I used to have my way with my parents as I was the youngest and they used to fulfill all my wishes.
From 5th grade onwards I started developing headache while looking at the board in the class for a long time. I started on medication which helped me in getting relief for a short period. The bouts were intermittent initially but became continuous with Cold, Cough, fever, headache etc. Visit to Doctors became more frequent and I was happy since the medicines they prescribed gave me relief, though temporarily. Recurring fever, vomiting and giddiness started taking its toll on my studies. Dr. Paulson of Parapukara hospital even remarked that these are all my pretensions not to study. The medicines were changed many times with no result and my visits to the hospital with our maid kept increasing. Ultimately my fever turned into Jaundice and my father switched to natural therapy ("Keezharnelli" ground with Milk). I followed the prescribed diet which gave me much relief and I was cured.
However headache and sneezing continued to be my companions. Finally doctors resorted to injections which were once in a week for 4 weeks. This gave me relief for 6 months after which they reappeared with more vigor. My mother suffered from headache as long as I can remember and everyone started relating my disease to be hereditary. My College studies started to get affected and I started to wear glasses to counter the headache.
All the relief measures were temporary and the recurrence was severe. My medication switched between Allopathy, Ayurveda and Homeopathy and doctors categorically asked to go on a strict diet with none of my favorite food like Chicken Mutton Egg etc to get the best results. I was so furious with the doctors who were a hindrance for me savoring the tasty Mutton and Chicken made by my mother in the traditional stone pot ('Kalchatti'). I was so happy with taking medicines which gave me temporarily relief and completed my graduation - by this time I had learned some yoga postures but was not willing to practice the same.
Despite the ill health, I was very active in doing all the manual work in the house. I used to come home during class hours to take care of paddy left for Sun drying. I used to sneeze from the dust rising off the paddy but somehow was used to it.
After graduation, like any parent, my father wanted to marry me off but I was adamant on doing my post graduation in Economics. I decided to finance my studies by taking tuitions in the morning from 4 AM to 9 AM and 4.30 PM till 9.30 PM. I attended college from 9.30 AM till 1.30 PM, learned tailoring and typewriting in the afternoon time. My food habits remained somewhat the same but I started taking Onions and vegetables for my lunch. I had no clue at that time that Onions were a source of Negative energy but I noticed a sense of lethargy and tiredness during those periods. My results suffered as I gave priority to activities other than studies. This forced me to switch to Kerala University to continue my studies.
At the end of first year of my post graduation, I got married to Jinan who was serving with the Indian Army in Kashmir. As such I could continue my education and was falling sick quite often from fever and cold. Jinan's parents were teachers and they took care of me as my parents used to. My mother-in-law used to take me to the doctor almost daily, as my father used to do. I was feeling ashamed and guilty as I couldn't help her with the household chores due to my ill health. I used to help her whenever I was feeling fine and she on one occasion even asked me not to do any job as that will save her from the pain of taking me to the doctor.
After I completed my education I moved to Bangalore with Jinan. There, on top of Sneezing and headache I started having breathing problems. Strong medicines were administered which gave relief to the breathing problems. We moved back to our native place and in the meanwhile we were blessed with two children. During pregnancy, I suffered severe breathing problems which continued. My medication was 'upgraded' to Injections and later was admitted and treated for 4-5 days as inpatient at various hospitals. My hands started shivering due to the aftermath of such heavy medication which prevented me from even holding a glass of water. I started feeling sick and tired of life from the embarrassment of being treated as a sick person wherever I go - relatives and friends place where I was offered a chair first, in buses etc.
Meanwhile Jinan retired from the Indian Army and started working with the Education department back home. Foray into a business venture resulted in Financial crisis which was too much for us to bear on top of the health issues. Life was becoming miserable as I developed Spinal problems in addition to other diseases and the children were small who needed constant attention.
The worst part, looking back now, was the we refused to change our food habits even when faced with such challenging times of ill health - we used to cook Chicken once in a week and consume it over the week. I was given Naturopathy massage for Spinal problem which cured me from that pain. I would like to outline the various Health issues I encountered during the last 43 years:
At the age of 4, when doctors lost hope and declared that I will not survive, Dr. Kunjan at Cherpu saved me somehow.
Suffered from Sneezing, Headache and Fever during the age of 10 -15 years
Sneezing and Headache from 16 - 18 years of age
Cold, cough, sneezing, fever and headache when I was 18 - 23 years of age
Asthma and caesarian at 24
24 - 27 years was the worst period with all of the above sicknesses
Another caesarian at 28
Spinal problem at 28 - 30 years of age
A whole year of Asthma at 30 years
Heart problem at the age of 31
Cured of Heart problem at 32
Normal health from 32 years
Life was looking futile and useless for us and held nothing to look forward into the future. At this crucial and critical juncture a relative of ours, Bindu Ashokan referred me to do the Art of Living Basic Course. The event which led to this was even more fascinating. When we visited her house, I couldn't enter the house as painting works were going on and they had to serve tea and snacks outside for me. Seeing my difficulty, she suggested that I do this basic course in breathing by Art of Living Foundation.
Jinan and me took hold of the next opportunity and attended the Basic workshop. Somehow I managed to complete the course and performed the 'Sudharshana Kriya'. For the next one month I stopped all medicines and with 100% commitment did the kriya as directed which got rid of all the phlegm in my body.
By the grace of Guruji, I have never experienced breathing problems till date and I continue to do my Kriya regularly and with lot of devotion. I was fortunate to do all the courses of Art of Living except the Teacher's Training Course. Guruji is not merely my Guru but he is the personification of the ultimate Divine power. There is one more person with whom I share all my sorrows and joy, Swami Sadhyojathah. He is a Guru and sibling to me - all my communication to Guruji is done through him.
Jinan, mean while completed his yoga TTC and Basic Course TTC from Art of Living and became a certified Yoga teacher. He is currently involved in conducting various yoga workshops in Kuwait under the aegis of Art of Living. He is also pursuing his studies of Naturopathy which helps him in his practice of yoga.
Art of living gave me a second lease of life from a point when my physical and mental health was in shambles. Modern science and medicines in which I trusted blindly was unable to restore the lost health and happiness to me.
I was not willing to drastically change my food habits even after attending the Art of Living course. I used to enjoy spicy food cooked in coconut oil. With this rich diet and the after effects of medicines, I gained weight and reached 72 Kg. Though I had attended many courses in Yoga by that time, I was not willing to practice the same and preferred to do Sudharshan Kriya which could be done in a relaxed posture.
One day, while warming up my heart beat increased abnormally and was taken to the doctor. Results of the ECG and Blood test indicated High Cholesterol, High Triglycerides. I started feeling breathless while walking and had Chest and back pain. Doctors started prescribing medicines one after the other and various tests including X-ray, TMT, Echo were conducted. As only medicines could give me relief, I continued the medication for almost a year during which I further gained weight. Finally I was asked by Dr. Mohanan of High-tech hospital in Trichur to perform Angiogram and was prescribed to have Aspirin tablets daily.
Life was posing a big challenge in front of me - I started losing interest in life and took a strong decision to stop all medicines come what may. I was not afraid of death and was ready to face it but wanted to get out from the clutches of all medicines. One evening, a friend of ours Dr. Ajith Kumar, who specializes in Pranic Healing came home and prescribed a diet of raw food, fruits, vegetables, sprouts, coconut, wheat grass juice for 41 days. After successful completion of 41 days of dieting, I weighed 60 Kg and from test results doctors recommended to stop all the medicines.
This proved a major turning point in my life - I realized the importance of Natural Food in our life. I wanted to learn more on the role of food in curing diseases. Questions like What kind of food to eat, When to eat, How to eat all posed interesting challenges to me. That was the beginning of my journey to study Naturopathy.
I started to practice yoga regularly and attended more yoga courses. Destiny and our financial constraints brought us to Kuwait. In Kuwait we came across people (Art of Living and Non AOL) who were willing to help us anytime and in any way we wanted. My job as an accountant was not enough to help us make both ends meet. I decided to teach yoga and continued my study of Naturopathy. I started dieting classes and Naturopathy treatment as well. Initially, due to lack of confidence, I was a bit reluctant to teach yoga to males. Art of Living gave me that courage and confidence through a course called DSN I attended during that time. That course brought about unbelievable changes in me the result of which was that I started Yoga classes for males along with the existing classes.
The very reason that I am very strict in my classes, which I attribute to my success, all the centre where I teach yoga was fully booked. I can guarantee that whoever has reciprocated the sincerity I show has benefitted from my training and advice. Regarding others, I cannot give such a guarantee though I wish from my heart that they benefit from this.
You can see from above that my personal life is a testimony to the fact that any disease can be cured by having proper food and without assistance or support of any medicine. Many of those who have benefitted are sharing their experiences here.
The message from me is loud and clear: - 'THERE IS NO MEDICINE BEYOND PROPER FOOD'. Any amount of workout or yoga will not make you healthy unless your diet is proper. One who follows a proper diet doesn't require any exercise or yoga. To maintain exterior beauty you may need the assistance of medicines - but to lead a medicine free life you may have to compromise a little on your beauty.
I would like to mention here that my biggest motivation and strength is my husband JINAN, who has stood by me in times of success and failure, encouraging, guiding and helping me without ever saying a word against all my endeavors.

Let's work together