Medication and Meditation

Medication and Meditation


Health is a valuable present for human life. Good health in true sense is a boon to family Hominid. In the course of time, over generations, man moved away from nature the archaic primitive style of life. Comforts and the gadgets that make you comfortable are at their pinnacle in all day to day activities and become modus operandi today. Motionless sedentary life style has brought the health quotient below average. Consequently the immune system of the human body has weakened and vulnerability to disease has increased. Today our life style, food habits, stress and the environment all act as a stimulus for various kinds of diseases and we live in an easy careless way till health throws us off balance. We have almost lost touch of what the grannies of the past used to practice at our homes to preserve health of the whole family abiding by primitive but active lifestyle where right natural foods, simple herbs, spices which were readily available in every households. 
Origination, existence, growth, alteration, decays, and death is the life cycle. It is true that at some point of time everyone has to decay and die. In today’s fast-paced life our nervous systems is excessively aroused by stress and tension in work life, getting insufficient rest, overindulging stimulants such as tea and coffee, too much stimulation through TV and computer and indulgence in tasty food and habits like going to bed late. Negligence in one's own body and mind whether it may be due to ignorance or negligence will certainly lead to diseases. 
Disease may seem to be an abnormal condition, but it is a natural  self initiated effort of the body to throw off the accumulated bodily refuse from the system when normal elimination methods comes to a halt. "Disease" means ill health "lack of comfort” and medicines are given to get back comfort. But these are just symptoms. Symptoms indicate the organs of elimination are weak, not functioning normal and needs assistance to remove toxins from the body. Majority of the population are either ignorant or negligent of this fact. And the ways of seeking comfort back are varied between different sets of people and systems of medicines. If we know how to protect ourselves there is no need to approach any system of medicine and spend money for curing. 

The awareness and attention towards right health from childhood and its application in life is very important. In reality very few courses offer information about health and prevention. Instead, lots of hospitals have been built. Hospitals certainly play an important role in the society. No one can ignore the importance of hospitals and doctors. They have existed to save our lives. But the real health care goal is to eradicate the need for hospitals through proper health education. Just information or education is not enough, it is useless if it does not promote knowledge and knowledge is useless if it does not promote action. Movement of knowledge is an important aspect throughout life. Knowledge has to come into action and the same has to promote comfort. This only would help keep these diseases at bay, grow healthy stay relaxed and happy!

There are two ways for us. One is Medication and other is Meditation. Medication pertains to medicine or the practice of medicine used in a remedial way with the idea of curing, healing, correcting or affording relief. It rests on a sound scientific foundation of Anatomy, Physiology, biology, chemistry and all collateral sciences. It is something that treats, alleviates the symptoms of disease. But remember, it should always be secondary step to make our body healthy. First step is to live in the light of knowledge, live in the way of true nature.
 There are two types of relaxation. One is unconscious relaxation- ‘sleep’- puts you on rest which is absolutely essential, and which we do every single night, probably in the day time also. It is the highest state of relaxation the material world can offer you. Every day we work and night we go to sleep and we wake up energized and rejuvenated next day because during sleep the mind, body and breath come together into one rhythm eliminating the stress from the body. But there is another way of resting which is much more superior to natural sleep, when we are conscious and still relaxing. This is meditation.

In meditation we are relaxing consciously. It is 10 times beneficial than sleep. The conscious meditation or conscious rest is a state that in a short period of time removes stress out of our system. There are many benefits. It brings clarity to the mind, it makes our heart glow, It boost our immune system, It enhances elimination, It reduces high blood pressure, It improves memory, concentration, It helps to create a stress free and violence free environment, It gives us a very relaxed feeling from inside, It gives more alertness, strength and improve our connection, belonging with people. It also helps in gaining supernatural powers.

Meditation is the remedy to lift us from the monotonous and negligent life that we live in; a life without values, a life without connectivity to people around us. Meditation reveals whatever is necessary in a natural spontaneous way. Health education and scientific rest contributes to meditation. Medication and meditation come from the same root. Their meaning is the same- to heal. Medicine heals the body and meditation heals both the body and mind an individual in whole.  Meditation is the best medication as well as prevention.

Our living well nutrition and meditation course is a true complimentary life style training program based on these two aspects- doctrine of simple living, constructive thinking, acting and scientific rest. It is a rare but the best combination of medication and meditation. Through this program we intend to bring this knowledge of right healthy living back to our homes. Knowledge about the fundamental principles of nature and understanding the functions of our body especially mindfulness, the trait of being aware of our responsibilities will help us to remain healthy and happy throughout life. Always remember that, medicine alone is not enough to cure all illness, we need the right attitude which comes with balance in work & rest and clarity in mind.

Investing in health knowledge is worth it, beyond doubt. So take a firm stand, enroll and educate yourself before it is too late!