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You may wonder why an ordinary couple like us has become nature cure practitioners


Sopanam You may wonder why an ordinary couple like us has become nature cure practitioners and opening a web site on nature cure!
The answer is simple:
Good health ought to be everybody’s concern, not solely the medical profession’s business.
More importantly, in our own case (my wife and I) we suffered immensely, for many years, largely due to the shortcomings of the modern medical system and modern eating habits. In a state of despair when all hope is lost or absent, we earnestly began our study of natural methods of treatment and cure of disease, as also for ways and means for survival by maintaining good health. By putting the time-tested nature cure methods into practice proved so beneficial to us that we took to studying their application for several other diseases as well.
We are both “Sudarshan Kriya” Art of living practitioners since 2000. Our Master, Sri Sri Ravishankar, the founder of the Art of Living, is not merely our Guru but he is the personification of the ultimate Divine power.
I am an Art of Living teacher since 2005. I teach Yoga and Art of Breathing and, thousands of people who have learned yoga with me have transformed their lives. In fact, our lives are transformed after joining the Art of Living foundation programs. The Art of living self development courses and practices, gave us all the courage, confidence, ability, will power to implement natural living methods in our lives. We dedicate our lives as a passion to yoga and hope to share with millions of people this beautiful healthy way of living and bring smile and happiness into their lives.
What began as mere jottings was gradually expanded into full-length articles on the subject now a glimpse in front of you as "naturetreatsyou.com" “prakritijeevanam.com”. Experience is the most convincing teacher and I would like to begin with details of our own case history as a means of indicating the major health problems that nature cure can overcome.
While in employment in the defense service, at the age of 26, I got married to Sreedevi, who is the founder of ‘Sopanam Nature Cure & Yoga’. We have two children. Our elder son is doing engineering and our younger daughter is in the 10th std.
In our 22 years of marriage, as mentioned earlier, my wife had to face a lot of health problems which left us debilitated. We had to discontinue our studies, plans and business many times on medical advice. Her recovery was gradual but never complete as she developed heartburn and breathing problems as side effects of the medicines. However, that was not the end of it. The heavy drugging, dieting etc. that ensued completely ruined her health and resulted in insomnia, weight gain and cardiac arrest.
We consulted an eminent heart specialist later and we were informed that there was no evidence whatsoever of any heart problem but confirmed one problem and that was the low pumping of the heart. God alone knows which diagnosis was correct.
Then came a host of diseases in rapid succession – sneezing, head ache, Asthma, back pain, chest pain, fatigue, in treating all of which the modern medical system failed to give her any relief, despite taking huge quantities of drugs, especially painkillers, antacid tablets and tranquillizers and aspirin. All this time, we were aware of the natural methods of treatment which we had heard from our friend a few of which we had practiced occasionally. We, however, dared not adopt them wholeheartedly because of her heavy dependence on drugs. Rather late in the day, when she was aged 32, we made a determined bid to do away with all drugs and take recourse to natural methods completely.
We began collecting and studying a great deal of data on the subject and also consulted many naturopaths. We made drastic changes in our diet and lifestyle and started rigidly observing the laws of nature and living with it. We were rewarded sooner than expected so much so, that my wife, who narrowly escaped death at the age of 32, when our son was just 7 year old, we can proudly say that today, at 43, she feels much healthier and physically fit. She also practices and takes yoga healthy living classes in Kuwait and other places. This is thanks mainly to our taking recourse to nature cure methods.
Though I did not have any illness from childhood started getting stomach pain disorders continued for long and finally diagnosed as acidity and ulcer also got cured by changing the life style eating habits. Of course, I do not claim that we have cured all our ailments still we don’t live fully according to the law of nature but we do maintain that we have been able to control them substantially and have obtained a lot of relief without resorting to drugs. This, we feel, is no mean achievement. We are certain that our own success in controlling several dreaded disabilities will serve as inspiration to those readers who are suffering from various ailments and hold out the hope of their deriving real benefits from the natural living methods outlined here.
It’s our pleasure to address you all the seekers on Natural Healthy living on this launching of our web-site and share few thoughts on Nature cure & Yoga.
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It’s my pleasure to address you all the seekers on Natural Healthy living on this revival our web-site and share more thoughts on Nature cure & Yoga.
Undoubtedly Natural cure is the best kept secret to health and happiness in the world of health. It is a holistic approach to health and happiness. Today people spend half of their health with no regard to nature in earning wealth and then spend their major wealth in regaining their lost health. Actually speaking health is the general natural condition of a person in all aspects. It is a level of functional and metabolic efficiency of an organism often implicitly human.
Every machine needs fuel & rest to remain in proper working condition and if it works continuously wear and tear of its parts become frequent leading to breakdown, similarly our “body” also needs fuel & rest. For us to function well there needs to be a balance between activity and rest, eating and fasting, waking and sleeping. It is surprising that we do not know how we are, what we are and how our functions are. That is why we live in an unnatural erratic manner and damages ourselves. Then we go to a doctor to set us right. We are unaware or totally neglected the fact that ‘Good Health’ ought to be everybody’s concern, not the Doctor’s business.
To know health in the real perspective it is very important to know how we are what we are our creation, the mode of operation, fuel or energy behind our function.
Creation of human is most wonderful one. Our whole being body mind complex can be functionally grouped into 3 consistencies with five layers or sheaths.
The First consistency is the real seed! 1st layer of our existence called as seed body or causal body which is the potent un-manifest form of energy the subtlest manifestation of consciousness. Just as a seed contains with in itself an exact blueprint a guide for making the plant it will produce the causal body knows the individual it will construct. It is the core sublime experience of bliss! This Sheath is where we experience happiness and joy. Joy is a whole different order of reality from that of the mind. It is peace, joy, and love, the undivided consciousness, beyond the body and mind.
2nd consistency is composed of three layers a collection of impressions called as Astral Body or the subtle body. It is the power (Energy), the medium of interaction with this universe (Mind and knowledge), not visible extremely, but can be experienced by self. This body is composed of 5 sense organs of knowledge, 5 sense organs of action, 5 physiological systems and four inner organs mind, memory, intellect and ego totally to 19 inner organs. This consistency can be functionally classified into three following layers.
Pranamayakosha- Pranic Sheath is the 1st layer of the Astral Body. This is the life force power in us. It is through this sheath we experience sensations. This sheath performs the function of provision of energy by processing the food fed to the gross body. The five Pranas and five sense organs of action (Karmendriyas) together form this sheath.
Manomayakosha Mental Sheath is the 2nd layer of the Astral Body. This sheath is composed of 5 organs of Knowledge (Jnanendriyas) the mind & Memory. This is where we experience thought doubt exhilaration depression and delusion is experienced. The function of this sheath is “to Desire”. To desire we need mind & Memory. But unless we know about a thing we cannot desire for it. For us to know the things in question we need five organs of knowledge (Jnanendriyas) and hence the combination of these two make up this sheath.
VijnanamayaKosha Intellectual Sheath is the 3rd layer of the Astral Body. This sheath is made up of 5 organs of Knowledge (Jnanendriyas) the mind and intellect & Ego. The function of this sheath is to “attainment of knowledge “. Intellect alone cannot be used for gaining knowledge unless the five sense organs of knowledge connect with the external world. This sheath is composed of inner knowledge or intuition and is experienced as feelings and emotions.
3rd consistency is the physical body or the gross body the grossest manifestation of consciousness which involves in all worldly transactions through which the presence of life is manifested temporarily and experiences from the external world are channelized for proper perception, and very visible to self and others. This layer gross body is called as Annamayakosha.
The food consumed by the parents is converted into semen in men and sonita in women and by the combination of these the physical body is formed. After birth, the body grows by suckling the milk which is only a transformation of food consumed by the mother. The body is further developed by taking food. It gets dissolved in the earth which is another form of food. The body is itself a food for other creatures. Hence it is called the food sheath, the material body or the earthly engagement of the soul. The food sheath is an object of perception.
Health in the real perspective is the constant unobstructed flow of life energy harmoniously through all these layers in a rhythmic manner i.e. the rhythm of nature.
According to all holistic methods of treatments our body is made up of 5 natural elements Ether, Air, Fire, Water and Earth. All the five elements make our body and they are required for our existence. Ordinarily, when all these elements are at their right proportion anabolism catabolism metabolism are at normal, elimination is at normal toxins are eliminated then and there as fast as evolved through stool, urine, sweat and breath and menses. When energy is dissipated by stress or wrong living flow of life energy obstructs, makes repercussions such as lowered vitality, irregularities of the blood lymph and vital liquids, checks elimination, retain waste matter and toxins. This accumulation of toxin when once established will continue until life energy is restored. When we are normal, when we are at nature’s choice health is normal and immune to disease. Disease begins to manifest only when environment and personal habits use up energy faster than it is renewed. Disease happens when the law laws of nature are violated and health is restored when they are followed.
"Cure" means a medication that treats or prevents or alleviates the symptoms of disease brings about a full recovery from illness or injury restoration or return to health. It is a complete revolution in the art and science of living. Nature cure is the process of improving vitality through the proper usage of natural elements and thereby help the elimination process of the nature. Anything which interferes with these essential process cause disease and anything which promotes them establish health. In reality nature cure is the right way of living. It is the art of attaining a long healthy and blissful life.
As we all know the World Health Organization's definition of health, as "a state of complete physical mental and social well being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity".
Physically to attain the perfect state of health we should have a healthy heart, good digestive and spinal health. The essential prerequisites for vitality and rejuvenation are: Healthy Central Nervous System (Brain & Spine), Healthy Endocrine Glands, Healthy Internal Organs. The perfect equilibrium of all vital fluids on our body, Blood, Phlegm, Yellow bile and Black bile maintains the health. Ayurveda suggests to take nutrients categorically gas promoting and gas destroying, phlegm promoting or phlegm destroying, bile promoting or bile destroying, according to its vata, pita, kapha principles/constitution to bring the equilibrium of body. Our body alignment and balance is affected the food we consume, the changes in weather conditions, physiological changes in body when we age, worry, feeling tired, tensed or stressed. Hence, physical balance can be achieved only through natural way of living with a well balanced diet, activity and rest.
Mentally what is being healthy? If you are feeling rough inside, mind is stiff and not calm you are not healthy. Mental health is achieved through physical and emotional harmony which is not an easy state to attain in today’s fast paced life. In the present day materialistic world, everybody has made some sort of commitment in the employment, work, art forms, etc which needs to be executed in time bound manner. Hence, today there is competition leads to hatred, greed, fear, anxiety in the society because of this depression and stress has set in the mind. Stress is one of the biggest causes of all sufferings which keep us away from health. If mind is not well the whole subtle body get affected indeed weakens the gross body.
Socially health means a well maintained self esteem and poise, ability to move through the challenges by accepting people and situations as they are being in harmony and respect with each other which is the biggest challenge now a day.
Infirmity or aging cannot be hindered but can be prolonged slowed down or delayed by the proper use of natural agents the main constituents of our body which are freely available in nature. Fresh air, sun shine, proper diet, exercise, scientific relaxation, constructive thinking and right mental attitude along with prayer and meditation all play their part in rejuvenating a sound mind & body.
The ultimate health care goal should be to eradicate the needs for treatments which are possible only through the right way of living. There are five different life style ways to establish health the Physical Exercise/Proper Breathing (Yoga), proper Diet (Balanced Nutritional Diet); Proper Rest (scientific relaxation & Meditation), Constructive Thinking and Right Mental Attitude (Love and compassion) along with prayer all play their part in keeping us healthy. Thus Nature Cure’s approach to physical, Mental and social well being are very perfect safe natural and holistic wellness system.
The Yoga Therapy or 'yoga-chikitsa' refers to the treatment of diseases by means of yogic exercises which may be physical or mental or both. It is a specialized form of yogic culture. It is the best way of doing exercise to enhance elimination. This mode of treatment has been practiced in India from very ancient times. Physical exercise in Yoga regulates our body by stimulating different organs, glands, nervous system and joints. Breathing techniques are taught to energize and to relax the body and mind as breath is seen as the outward manifestation of life force energy. Proper breathing ensures a mastery over the body mind and emotions. Relaxation techniques in Yoga take us to a deep level rest.
The Food therapy is the strongest weapon of nature cure. The primary cause of disease is arising from the adoption of a faulty nutritional pattern. The body cannot perform any of its functions metabolic, hormonal, mental, physical or chemical, without specific nutrients. The food which provides these nutrients is one of the most essential factors in building and maintaining health. Nutrition, which depends on food, is also of utmost importance in the cure of disease. There is an elaborate healing mechanism in the body itself but it can perform its function only if it is abundantly supplied with all the essential nutritional factors through a balanced diet. Food control with enhanced respiratory and circulatory efficiency with Relaxation & Meditation ensures a balanced metabolic rate in turn to good health.
Scientific relaxation rests the body completely and activates the mind. Proper complete relaxation comes only when the body mind and spirit are at ease. Life is a combination of rest and activity. Most of the day we engrossed with our work during the day and we forget how to relax and rest. Heightened state of activity keeps us in dilemma to relax well. Our body is bio-chemical factory. When stressed, adrenalin gets pump in to our system make us in a tense state but when we are relaxed we get a healthy supply of ‘oxytocin’ a hormone makes us feel comfortable, trusting and increases our sense of belonging with everyone.
When we relax our heart rate slows down, blood pressure lowers but increases the blood flow to major organs like heart lungs kidney liver spleen and brain. This reduces tension, pain and improves concentration subsiding anger and frustration. Scientific relaxation reaches us to state of meditation. Meditation is about the awareness of what is going on inside us and at the same time being aware about what is happening around us. Meditation is the best medication in nature cure.
Constructive Thinking and Right Mental Attitude: By nature we human beings are good and believe in God at the core of our heart. We eventually think constructive way to seek peace of mind. However one of the biggest challenges faced by every one of us is the lack of integration between the body and mind. Our intellect recognizes the right actions but the body and mind refuses to follow that path. Also in some cases, in spite of inner heart saying that something is wrong, we tread that path. We keep doing wrong and irrelevant things against the nature in spite of inner heart always trying to guide in the right path. We all lack peace of mind and even if we have the right attitude to perform the right activity, we face huge resistance because of lack of capability of conscious choice and decision and intention.
Every action is generally performed in three stages: 1) Intention 2) Attention and 3) Action. The practice yoga along with proper diet and scientific rest helps in all the stages mainly the attention stage. It helps integrate the mind and body and increases ones capability in intension, attention and action.
Constructive thinking and right mental attitude fundamentally ensures that healthy relationships are built and it is only with healthy relationships we can do transactions effectively. It helps to control the mind to relax, focus, concentrate, expand to see larger picture or dwell on divine oneness of self. All our actions will reflect care for others not hurt others feelings. We stop thinking on the past and future unless it has relevance for the present and we would be able to use past experience effectively to plan for the future. Thus constructive thinking and right mental attitude can help in channelizing the inner powers and reduces the wastage of precious life force.
To have a healthy life we should follow the principles of nature and should be disciplined. The core principles of real nature cure system believe that repair maintenance and growth of living system is possible by providing adequate congenial environmental conditions. There is one and only one cause of all diseases, the accumulation of foreign substances in the body i.e. "toxemia" and treatment is helping the elimination process of nature. We our self is responsible for accumulation of poison in our bodies. Most of us are of the view that medicines can cure any ailments believing that drugs affect the body but in reality the body that acts up on the drugs and not the drugs up on the body.
Thus Nature cure is an integrated system education which combines yoga with an appropriate lifestyle, especially with regard to nutrition and meditation. Let’s work together to build up a healthy society. With Love, Jinan.

Let's work together