Dear Ones,  Are you enjoying the best of health?  Are you fresh and active all the day?  Are you enthusiastic about work?   Do you behave affectionately to everyone? Do you have the chest measurement exceeding the girth of abdomen? Do you have regular bowel movements? Do you have a good appetite and sleep soundly?   If the answer is 'NO' to any one of the above,  THEN THIS WEB SITE 'IS' CERTAINLY MEANT FOR YOU !!!   THIS WEB SITE IS 'DEFINITELY NOT' MEANT FOR YOU,........<>   If You have mastered the rules for preservation of health  OR  If You Savor medicines, confident that medicines can cure all diseases  OR  If Mournful descriptions of your disorders delight you, like the sympathy that you get when sick  OR  If Undertaking the risk of an illness satisfies your sense of adventure  OR  If You are eagerly looking forward to old age and second childhood OR  If You crave for spicy and toothsome food!!!

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Distant Detoxification


"CURE means restoration of health; Return to life; Give or have a new life. Cure is what people want and that is what doctors attempt to give - but results only in relief, the Cause remains. Cure, as generally perceived doesn't exist. We return to normal nature by giving up enervating habits. Knowing this is life, which most of us are unaware of - Few though aware, fool themselves for momentary pleasures. No fool is a bigger fool than the fool who fools himself! Balancing life is an ART."

A normal healthy person is one who is poised and has no enervating habits. All so called diseases are the crisis of enervation. When falls sick, get rid of enervating habits. Get rid of cause and stay rid of it, then health restores and abides perpetually. “Sopanam” Online cure helps to find the means of enervation and guide to pause all such influences in a much easy healthy enjoyable way. Also help to lead a right style of living s ...


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